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Transportation in Cuba

General Information of Cuba

Transportation in Cuba shows us the means of transportation that can be used by tourists in Cuba



The bus company for foreigners to travel through Cuba is called Viazul.

You can buy the tickets through the viazul page or from there if you are still not clear on the days you plan to travel. 

If you buy through your page, print the email they send you. Once at the station you will have to redeem the electronic ticket.

It’s quite fast, there are usually no queues when you buy at the window.

If you have a question about where to exchange it, ask, do not go to queue and then send it to another site.

Some stations are not well signposted and sometimes you do not know which bus to get on, ask for the bus number when they give you the ticket.

Rent of cars

It is the best way to move around the island for free, but do not forget that its roads are often in very poor condition and with few signs.

Outside the provincial capitals you will find little traffic.

Renting a car is not cheap, but you can visit places to which the public service does not arrive.


There is a wide variety of taxis. Perhaps the best known are the Cubataxi.

There are also private taxi drivers. Negotiate before raising the price, otherwise they will charge you whatever they want. You can also negotiate prices if you feel like going to a province.


They also have almendrones, which are American cars from the 1950s that are used by Cubans as collective taxis. Unlike the old cars that tourists use to make routes, these are usually not very well cared for.


It is good as an experience, in them you will learn about the news of the city, the weather, gossip … they usually have loud music, usually reggaeton.

It is paid in national currency and they make stops like the buses. The price is usually 1 cuc per person, although if they see you tourist they in-tenten charge more.

Almendrones route

Bicitaxi and Coconut taxi

The bicitaxi are used for shorter journeys and are more expensive. But it’s an experience to ride in one of them.

The cocotaxi, likewise, is not bad to mount some time. Being a motor makes longer trips, but it is a service for tourists and therefore more expensive.

Tourist bus

They are buses of 2 floors, with the top convertible to enjoy a walk through the most emblematic places of Havana.

HabanaBus Tour

It costs 10 CUC and you can go up and down as many times as you want throughout the day.

They have 3 routes, one of them is to the beaches of the East.

If you are several, it may be worth a taxi, which can take you and bring you around 20-25 CUC.

Routes and stops

T1. Alameda de Paula – Plaza de la Revolución
Distance: 23 km – going and return

T2. Marina Hemingway – Plaza de la Revolución
Distance: 23 km – going and return

T3. Parque Central – Santa María del Mar
Distance: 40 km – going and return

HabanaBusTour the schedules and prices:

Hour: 09:00 / 21:00
Price: 10 CUC

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