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Taxi service in Cuba

Taxi service in Cuba

Taxi service in Cuba

We offer a service oriented to tourists who want to visit Cuba and wish to move safely by renting cars with driver.

We offer you a service of quality and trust, so that you do not have to worry about the way to get to the places, that you can enjoy the scenery and rest in your journey.

Our taxi drivers who have a great experience, are punctual, responsible, attentive and willing to help you in everything you need to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

We have a wide variety of vehicles, from American classic cars of the 50s, to Jeeps, saloons with air conditioning and Vans of different capacities in very good condition.

Taxi service in Cuba
Taxi service in Cuba

Our services

The taxi service has two options:

1- You can pay the availability of the taxi during the entire duration of your vacation, that is, have it always at your disposal.

2- Or you can pay for the service only when you use it.

Normally the cheapest option is to pay the taxi service only when it is used, since, if they are going to be for example 10 days in Cuba, it is 10 days that we have to charge them daily for the availability of the taxi plus driver, which includes accommodation and maintenance, even if they do not use it.

If you do not have anything organized, tell us the days you will be in Cuba and we suggest a route according to your days of stay.

1- We provide you accommodation.

2- We take you to the different cities according to the chosen route.

3- We organize excursions in different cities.

If you already have something organized, we can organize the rest.

Taxi service in Cuba


  1. Marta

    Hola buen día!!!, el jueves pasado llegamos de Cuba, contratamos el servicio de taxi para todos los traslados al interior de la Isla, desde la llegada al aeropuerto hasta el regreso y puedo contarles sobre la seriedad, la puntualidad y lo cómodas que fueron las minivan. Acordamos con ellos el itinerario con fechas, horarios y lugares de recogida y llegada a cada destino, nos enviaron un voucher con los precios de cada tramo. Estuvimos por La Habana, Trinidad, Cayo guillermo y Varadero. Altamente recomendables, son taxis autorizados. Espero que pueda con mi comentario ayudar a otros viajeros

  2. Mario

    Un viaje inolvidable, no tuvimos que preocuparnos de nada, nos lo organizaron todo. Les dijimos los días que íbamos y nos hicieron una ruta viendo lo más importante de Cuba, nos llevaron a Viñales, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Camagüey y Varadero. Nos hicieron las excursiones de Habana, Viñales y Trinidad, no nos tuvimos que preocupar de nada, ni de los alojamientos, la próxima vez repetiremos desde oriente, gracias por todo


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