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Routes for Cuba

Routes for Cuba

In routes for Cuba, you will be able to know routes in the different cities of Cuba or to travel across a map of the island knowing his more important cities

Routes for the Havanan

Route through Havana you can enter Havana and learn about its rich heritage, culture and gastronomy. You will know places like the famous Cathedral of Havana or the Floridita in Old Havana, the Capitol and the Chinatown in Habana Center or the National Hotel of Cuba and the Plaza de la Revolución in Vedado

Routes for Santiago de Cuba

In this route you will know the Céspedes Park with its famous Cathedral and two routes, one on the east where you can meet the patron of Cuba, the Virgen del Cobre or the Castle of the Morro and another to the west where you can see the Park of the Prehistory with its impressive sculptures to life size or the Granjita Siboney

Trip to Viñales

Viñales happens for being one of the most tourist cities of Cuba thanks to his rich natural heritage and his nearness to the Havana. In routes for Viñales you will be able to know The Viñales’s most important as his famous Valley, the mural of the prehistory, will visit a plantation of tobacco, the cave of the Indian and Key Jutías

A walk through Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos, founded by French settlers in 1819, is known as the Pearl of the South. Its town center is quite homogeneous architecturally and has many classic facades and columns that recall its French past. And on your beach, Rancho Luna, you can relax on your beach and snorkel on your coral reef

Trinidad the Jewel of the Caribbean

Founded by Diego Velázquez, it was the third town founded by the Spanish in Cuba. It is considered as a city-museum and surprises by its architectural set of the XVIII and XIX centuries. It is a typical colonial city with narrow cobbled streets, restored buildings and churches

A walk through Camagüey

Camagüey is the biggest third city of Cuba. Known as the city of the tinajones, he is to 535 km from the Havana. Founded in 1514, it was one of the first seven villas founded by the Spanish. Still it preserves Churches of baroque style and picturesque squares, being the most extensive second historical center of Cuba after the Havana

A walk through the Tunas

Located in the eastern zone, it is known as the Balcón de Oriente. Also known as “the city of sculptures”. It is among the greenest cities in Cuba, and despite having a large population, gives the impression of being in a large town. About 50 km north of Las Tunas we have Puerto Padre with its beautiful and unspoilt beaches

Walking around Bayamo

It was founded by Diego Velázquez in 1513, being this one of the oldest cities of Cuba. It counts on being the second town founded by the Spaniards in Cuba. Known as the cradle of Cuban independence, since here, in Sierra Sierra, the Revolution began to take shape, which would end the Batista regime

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