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Vista aérea Habana

Restaurants in the Havana

El Floridita – Old Havana

Restaurants in the Havana

In restaurants in the Havana we started by the famous Floridita, frequented by Hemingway in the 30s. In gratitude this, he dedicated a cocktail with the name of Papa Hemingway special, daiquirí with grapefruit juice.

Restaurants in the Havana, the Floridita

His record is in 13 Daiquiris in one sitting. In the bar there is a life-size statue of Hemingway in his favorite place, leaning on his old tin bar.

It is known as “the cradle of the Daiquiri.” This was invented by Constante Ribalaigua shortly after finishing the War of the Independence of Cuba.

Address: Monserrate corner Street Obispo, Old Havana
Phone: +53 7 867 1300
More information: El Floridita

La Bodeguita del Medio – Old Havana

La Bodeguita is one of the best-known bars in Havana and a must-see for tourists. Above the counter there is a sign that says “Hemingway took his Mojito here.”

La Bodeguita del Medio

It has a unique atmosphere with its shelves full of memories of its most famous visitors such as Hemingway, Pablo Neruda, Fidel Castro and Salvador Allende among others.

The walls of La Bodeguita are covered with thousands of autographs and messages, which visitors from all over the world have left with the passage of time. The food is based on simple dishes of the Creole cuisine and although it is good, it is somewhat expensive.

Address: Street Empedrado 207 between San Ignacio and Mercaderes, Old Havana
Phone: (+53 7) 867-1374
More information: La Bodeguita del Medio

Doña Eutimia – Old Havana

Doña Eutimia is a small palate, located very close to the Cathedral.

He was recently selected by an American magazine as one of the best restaurants in Havana.

Doña Eutimia

Its cuisine is traditional Cuban. It has typical dishes such as old clothes, pork and beans with rice. Do not miss out on their tasty croquettes or the malanga donuts with honey, without forgetting their specialty, the roasted chicken Doña Eutimia.

Address: San Ignacio No. 60-C, between O’Reilly and Empedrado (next to the Plaza of the Cathedral)
Phone: +53 5 2815883
More information: Paladar Doña Eutimia

El Chanchullero de Tapas – Old Havana

On the facade there is a plaque that says “Aqui never was Hemingway”.

Located in Old Havana it offers a pleasant and modern place. It has a bar and 4 wooden tables with walls full of graffiti and photos.

El Chanchullero de Tapas

Do not miss their huge and delicious shrimp enchiladas or the chicken kebab.

Address: Teniente Rey No. 457A between Bernaza and Cristo (Plaza del Cristo)
Phone: (+53)7 861 0915
More information: El Chanchullero de tapas

Paladar los Mercaderes – Old Havana

It is located on the ground floor of a 19th century colonial house. It still preserves its stained glass windows, its mural paintings, and its woodwork along with its furniture.

Paladar los Mercaderes

We can enjoy both traditional Cuban and international cuisine. Their dishes are well prepared and have a careful presentation.

It has a very cozy environment, with low light and musicians playing the violin.

Address: Street Mercaderes No. 207 between Lamparilla and Amargura
Phone: (+53) 7861 2437
More information: Paladar los Mercaderes

Habana 61 – Old Havana

Located on Calle Habana, very close to the Museum of the Revolution, this palate stands out for its modernity. It offers traditional Cuban food.

It is a spacious place with a modern and warm decoration.

Habana 61

The menu has about 20 dishes, some very original, salads and specialties such as shrimp in Creole sauce, Emperor’s trunk in green sauce, coconut pudding with curry sauce or Banquizal lamb.

It has a full wine list and good background music. Do not miss your selection of cocktails.

Address: Street Habana No. 61 between street Cuarteles and Peña Pobre
Phone: (+53) 7861 9433
More information: 
Habana 61

Los Nardos – Old Havana

The Sociedad de Juventud Asturiana has three restaurants, Los Nardos, El Trofeo and Asturianito, all in the same building, opposite the Capitol.

Located on the first floor of the building. The access is not well marked, you have to be careful, although the huge queues that form at lunchtime give you away.

Donde Comer, Los Nardos

In it both tourists and Cubans mix. They have an attentive service and you can see the intensity that is in the kitchen from almost any angle through the glass that separates it from the dining room. While you eat you can enjoy live music by a pianist and a violinist.

The price is affordable and has a wide and varied menu for which you will need time if you want to read it whole. Among its dishes it has Asturian fabada, prawns with garlic, paella, lobster Catalan … the price does not include the tip that is 10%. The drink can be ordered to be served in a jug to share, do not miss the pina colada.

Address: Paseo del Prado no 563, between Teniente Rey and Dragones
Phone: (+53) 7863 – 2985
More information: Los Nardos

La Guarida – Havana Center

It was one of the main stages of the film “Strawberry and Chocolate”.

It has soft lights that make the restaurant very cozy and with background music to make the atmosphere more pleasant.

La Guarida

Located on the third floor of a building in Havana Center, it has a revolutionary mural with Fidel giving his famous speech “Patria o muerte”. A delight for photographers.

Its food is among the best in Havana. He makes use of Nouvelle Cuisine, using his traditional Cuban dishes as a base. It is usually quite full, I recommend booking in advance.

Address: Street Concordia 418, between Gervasio and Escobar, Havana Center
Phone: +53 7 8669047
More information: La Guarida

Paladar San Cristobal – Havana Center

Located in Havana Center, this palate is located on the ground floor of a twentieth century palace.

This restaurant was already of recognized prestige, but after the visit of the former president of the United States, Barak Obama and his family, this restaurant has become more popular.

Where to eat Paladar San Cristobal

Its careful decoration has antique furniture, black and white photographs, clocks, porcelain, sculptures and bullfighting posters. 

The palate San Cristóbal has been influenced by all the culinary influences of the island coming from countries such as Spain, Italy or continents such as China or Africa among others. 

His food is typical Creole. On their menu they have dishes such as roast pork, shrimp, lobster, eggplant ceviche, fish or steak. 

Do not miss their desserts, among them, the specialty of the house, San Cristóbal pudding.

Address: Street San Rafael No 469 between Lealtad and Campanario, Havana Center
Phone: (+53) 7860 – 9109
More information: Paladar San Cristóbal

El Litoral – Vedado

El Litoral is located on the Malecón habanero, very close to the Embassy of the United States.

Paladar el Litoral

It is a large room with high ceilings. It offers delimited spaces, with different environments: cafeteria, bar, main hall and a reserved room.

Do not miss their salads, rice and pasta. Exquisite shrimp with gabardine in tartar sauce, salmon carpaccio, chorizo ​​casserole in wine or mille-feuille of malanga.

It has a careful wine list and an extensive cocktail list.

Address: Malecón #161 e/ K y L, Vedado
Phone: (+53) 7830 – 2201
More information: El Litoral

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